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COMMUNITY Hat 13 by Deonoveigh Mitchell

COMMUNITY Hat 13 by Deonoveigh Mitchell

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Reclaimed Taupe Stetson 10X - Arrowhead Crease.
Size 7 3/8.
Sweet Grass, Sage, Lavender, & Vintage Buffalo Coin.
Vintage Saddle Leather.
Duck Feather.


Deonoveigh is Diné, Red Bottom people
and African American from Chinle, AZ.

She is known for her colorful storytelling
paintings. Her art is a beautiful blend of
both her cultures and a celebration of her

Deonoveigh's images are inspired by the
people in her life, childhood memories
growing up in Navajo Nation, and driven
by her love of storytelling.

She credits her ability to embrace both
cultures through art. "I could be anything
and anyone I wanted through art; I could
be myself."

Through sharing her art, Denoveigh has
learned art can create a connection between
people of different cultures.

Deonoveigh hosts paint parties. In this way
she can continue to inspire others to connect
with themselves, and their culture. 

Hat Sizing

These hats cannot be altered to preserve the design and craftsmanship.

All Hat Sales are finale sale and cannot be exchanged or returned.

Please be sure to check your sizing by using our hat sizing guide.

Care Instructions

Each hat is a vintage piece that has been sourced just for you. That being said, each hat has developed character and been loved before it is passed along to you.

The character includes the normal wear you may expect when an item has been cherished and used with care.

Please treat your hat with care.


Pro tips:

+ Your hat can handle a bit of water, but try and keep them dry
+ Your hat sits best on flat surfaces or hanging on a wall
+ Reach out with any specific questions about care and we are more than happy to help

Liability Disclaimer

By purchasing this art piece (hat) you absolve Thunder Voice Hat Co. and its team from any injury associated with the hat or its gifted elements.

Keep out of reach of children.

Final Sale

We do not accept returns on the hat. All sales are final.

Please be certain to double-check your hat size.

Refer to the sizing chart if needed.

These hats cannot be altered to preserve the design and craftsmanship.


Community hats are a one-of-a-kind artistic statement piece created by the Native Artists.

These hats will not replicated in respect for the Artists and their designs.

Please handle with care and treat as the fine art piece they are.

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