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ThunderVoice Hat Co.

Jacket 40

Jacket 40

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Reclaimed Levi Strauss Blue Denim Jacket with White, Yellow and Cream Serape pieces, patches and Rainbow Sky Serape panel by ThunderVoice Eagle.

Each jacket is individually reclaimed and designed by our team. 

Native made for everyone.


Reclaimed Denim Jacket.

100% Recycled Cotton Serape Pieces.

Canvas Fine Art Panel.

Sizing Dimensions

Levi Strauss Size Large

Care Instructions

Spot clean, or Dry clean only.

Because we reclaim each jacket, your jacket will be a unique brand and fit (possibly with a bit of wear).

Thank you for understanding, and we hope you will love your jacket for years to come!

Check out our SUSTAINABILITY page for WHY we reclaim the apparel! Thank you for joining us in reducing the waste caused by fast fashion and overproduction of apparel.

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